What Is A Safety Expert?

“Safety expert” is a rather broad umbrella term, and a safety expert witness may have expertise and training in a variety of fields. This can include equipment safety, building safety, electrical safety, sports safety, medical safety, child safety, and so forth. Safety experts may be qualified as engineers, consultants, and other members of the safety field. They are usually chosen on the basis of their credentials, experience, and qualifications and will be asked to talk about these things on the stand for the purpose of establishing credibility.

Lawyers may contact someone who is working as a safety expert and consultant to see if she or he is available to provide testimony. Safety expert witnesses can also be drawn from college and university faculty, safety teams working for individual companies, and so forth. Some people make full time careers out of serving as an expert witness, using ongoing publications and other credentials to ensure that they will be appealing as possible expert witnesses.

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