Video Game Experts & Xbox 360 Class Action

Construction_Engineering_CBU0059EVideo game expert witnesses are experienced with several areas of technology, including software engineering, electronics, software patents, user interface, game play, and hardware engineering. These technology experts may consult on consumer electronics as well as the video game industry.

On January 15, 2016, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear Microsoft Corp’s appeal regarding an Xbox 360 class action lawsuit. Plaintiffs accuse the technology company of allowing a design defect on the video game console that causes game discs to be damaged. In rebuttal, Microsoft argues the damage is caused by the gamers themselves. The high court will be reviewing the March 2015 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the lower court had incorrectly applied the law in denying class action certification. Video game expert witnesses for the plaintiffs will argue that the Xbox 360 is poorly designed to handle games. With over 80M Xbox 360 gaming units sold, a large award is at stake, and both sides of the argument will need the most qualified and credible technology expert witnesses on their legal team.

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