Toxicology Expert On Transmission Line

Electric powerlinesITC Midwest and a group of property owners presented their cases last week to the Iowa Utility Board concerning a proposed transmission line in Dubuque County.  ITC, a Cedar Rapids-based company, has proposed to build the 81-mile, 345-kilovolt line through Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson and Buchanan counties. The line would connect the Salem substation, in Dubuque County, with the Hazleton substation, in Buchanan County.

Lawyers representing the landowners have claimed the line could lead to human health risks, and the high voltage could lead to cellular or molecular changes in cattle, changes in cattle’s natural standing orientation and lower dairy production.  Experts denied the claims, saying the lawyers over exaggerated or misquoted scientific studies.   “There’s no scientific data to support (that stray voltage) levels lower than USDA guidelines (affect cattle production),” said Dr. Dwight Mercer, a toxicology expert.

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