The Undisclosed Factors, Part 4

Business_Finance_INGUB102I have managed a lot of projects through my career on both sides, the contractor’s and the owner’s. What I concluded is that to have a smooth running project, there is no substitute for fairness, flexibility, focusing on solving problems rather than placing blame and again, fairness.

I strongly recommend that project managers get more education on people skills and managing various personalities. Because, the reality is that the project manager has to cruise his/her project through the waves of the above undisclosed factors to get the project safely to the finish line.

I certainly don’t mean to paint an ugly picture about the professionals managing projects. In fact, through my career I had the good fortune to interact with more good helpful professionals than the ones described above. I can write a whole new article citing examples of great inspectors, architects and construction managers that helped me resolve problems and get projects to a successful completion. I’m simply trying to raise awareness about the above factors that do exist and should be kept in perspective.

As a licensed real estate agent, I advise my buyers that the three most important factors in selecting a property are location, location, location. As a construction manager my advice is that the three most important factors for running a successful project are attitude, attitude, attitude.

About Jamil Soucar

Jamil Soucar is a practicing and consulting general contractor, which includes expertise in Civil Engineering and has been in construction industry since 1983. He is a Certified Construction Manager by CMAA and holds a Certificate in Project Management from UCLA. His specialty is managing public works construction including schools, libraries, community centers and other commercial projects. His background includes private projects like singe family homes, restaurants and retail. He has done civil and structural design in the past, working on grading plans, surveys, subdivision maps, sewer, storm drain and street improvement. He has also prepared and taught several construction management training classes covering topics such as construction management, contract administration, change orders, logs, claims, principles of CPM scheduling, delay analysis and other relevant topics of interest to construction managers. Expert witness and article contributor for

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