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Part 2 – Why do Construction Delays happen and How to analyse it

Using Critical Path Method scheduling (CPM) provides analysts the needed tools to conduct a proper analysis. To understand the tremendous advantage of having CPM technology, please allow me to give you a brief idea about basic principles of CPM scheduling. Prior to CPM scheduling, owners, contractors and any other businesses that needed schedules like large […]

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Part 1 – Why do Construction Delays happen and how to analyse it

Construction projects often suffer from delays due to a wide variety of reasons, which can have severe financial impact on the project. As a result, delay claims may be filed. The analysis of the delay impact, the causes and effects of the delaying activities is one of the most complicated types of claims analysis.

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Stock Market Today

The Dow Jones Industrials fell over 200 points today. This is a typical stock market over-reaction to a not so news- worthy event. The event was our President remarking that commercial banking business should be separate from investment services business.

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The Discount Rate ‘Controversy’ – Much Ado About Nothing Part 1

Often in litigation matters involving economic damages, opposing counsel and opposing experts attack the figure used, by their opponent, for the discount rate in present value computations.

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