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The Dow Jones Industrials fell over 200 points today. This is a typical stock market over-reaction to a not so news- worthy event. The event was our President remarking that commercial banking business should be separate from investment services business. There is a lot of good argument for the separation and it actually stems from the reasoning offered during the Great Depression. This led to the Glass-Steagall Act.  Business_Finance_14004Under the President Clinton administration, the act was repealed after approximately 60 years of having it on the books. So, in a sense, Glass-Steagall may be brought back in a different form. It should be noted Dr. Volker, former Chairperson of the Federal Reserve (including during President Reagan’s term in office) and advisor to President Obama, support this separation.

Additionally, banks have always had the ability to circumvent financial regulations. Often this is done through bank holding companies. Bank holding companies are able to offer investment services. So, this formality of limiting commercial banking will help the financial system stablize, it will not, however, prevent banks from engaging in profit seeking financial innovation. Financial innovation is on-going. Financial innovation is simply the creation of new financial instruments and services, often initially circumventing financial regulations.

Please be mindful of the following. When the stock market over-reacts, the investor should under-react.

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