Ski Safety Expert Testifies In Ski Facility Case

Court BuildingTestimony on a lawsuit against Ski Sundown, CT,  continued last week with an expert witness speaking on behalf of James Malaguit, who was paralyzed after falling from a jump four years ago at the facility.  Ski safety expert Stan Gale of Golden Col., testified that the terrain park where the accident occurred is the most dangerous part of a ski area and that there was no evidence that Ski Sundown had adequate markings, supervision or warning signs in the terrain park at the time of the incident.  Gale said he determined, after conducting an investigation at Ski Sundown, that there was inadequate safety for the terrain park.  Gale, an employee of Rock Mountain Consultation LLC, has visited approximately 135 ski areas, investigated nearly 100 ski areas and has never in his life witnessed a ski area that treated terrain features the way Ski Sundown did, according to his testimony.

James Malaguit, 19, was a high school sophomore while visiting Ski Sundown with his family on Feb. 17, 2006, when he lost his balance coming off a man-made jump in the terrain park on the ski area’s Exhibition run. He landed on his head. His injuries have left him paralyzed from the chest down. He was not wearing a helmet or goggles at the time of the incident.

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