Securities Fraud Expert Witnesses

Business_Finance_14080Securities fraud experts may consult and testify in cases involving financial crime such as the illegal process of convincing others to make investments in the stock market based on false information. Today, the SEC charged Andrew Caspersen, a Park Hill Group partner, with securities fraud.  Caspersen is accused of seeking to defraud institutional investors of $95M and using the bulk of the money for investments in his personal account. The SEC complaint filed in federal district court in Manhattan alleges:

Caspersen obtained a $25 million investment in November 2015 from an institutional investor by falsely representing that the investment would be secured by approximately $900 million of assets of Irving Place Capital Partners III SPV.

Shortly after the investor wired its $25 million investment to Irving Place III SPV LLC’s bank account, Caspersen simply took control of the funds for his personal use.

Using similar false and misleading statements, Caspersen later solicited an additional $20 million from the first investor and $50 million from a second, in both cases unsuccessfully.

Securities fraud litigation involving the misconduct of a financial executive is complex. Investment vehicles as well as the concealment of assets are increasingly complicated. Financial crime at this level requires the most vetted expert witness.  This expert will be well versed in securities and investments, SEC rules and regulations, as well as stock fraud and investment fraud.

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