Restaurant Sector: Survival and Potential Conflicts, Part 2

Restaurant 3Despite the initial cost markup on food—restaurants have heavy fixed costs and really are truly busy with customers only a few hours a week. For example, the most profitable restaurants—McDonalds and Darden have reported total company profit margins only around 10%.

For the independent operator, the economics is all about trying to pay their rent and debt service, and grinding out a salary. For the chains, getting new funding and debt service remains a critical factor, too, as does splashy growth. You can’t make much money from one restaurant. You need steady, profitable growth year after year, to attract the best sites, bank financing, or keep Wall Street happy.

The publicly traded chains are under enormous pressure from security analysts and                the investment community to develop sales and profit gains quarter after quarter.               The chains have and report via a complicated and detailed series of projections and             metrics. Even a month’s lack of sales momentum can cause a major problem.

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