Pipeline Expert Witnesses & Pipeline Safety

Pipeline expert witnesses consult on gas transmission, gas distribution, petroleum pipelines, petroleum products distribution, pipeline inspection, and associated matters.  2.5M miles of pipeline crosses the United States and when there is an accident, the National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause and issues safety recommendations to prevent future accidents.  The NTSB describes emergency response and the timely shut down of pipelines as critical after a pipeline accident.

The NTSB explains that many accidents occur because the pipeline operator’s safety program was insufficient to identify potential problems. “With hazardous materials coursing through pipelines, it is vital that pipeline operators be routinely evaluated according to effective performance-based standards and protocols.”  Pipeline leaks can cause significant damage to people, homes, products, and the environment. In 2010 eight people were killed and thirty-four homes burned down when a natural gas line broke in San Bruno, CA.  The NTSB Fact Sheet Enhance Pipeline Safety gives the following statistics.

“The number of serious incidents has declined since 1992, but the consequences when something does go wrong are far too large to fail to improve pipeline safety.”(NTSB)


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