Patent Infringement Expert Witnesses

Patent expert witnesses play a significant role in patent infringement and patent validity cases.  Patent expert Dr. John Levy opined in the Northern District of California lawsuit filed by Quantum Corporation against Crossroads Systems, Inc. for willful patent infringement.  Quantum alleged that Crossroads’ StrongBox product utilizes technology patented by them in the 2004 US Patent No. 6,766,412.

Crossroads is a provider of data storage solutions.  Its products include the StrongBox archival tool and Sphinx virtual tape systems. Quantum manufactures tape drives, tape automation systems, and data deduplication backup and recovery products.

Dr. Levy, Ph.D. Computer Science, Stanford, is an expert in the computer, software and hard disk industry. Judge William Alsup did not support Quantum’s argument that their expert witness Dr. Andrew Hospodor needed to “wait until Dr. Levy was deposed to compose his rebuttal arguments.” Alsup wrote “Dr. Hospodor should have been prepared to answer questions about Dr. Levy’s opinions at his deposition.” Waiting to “compose his rebuttal arguments is most unpersuasive.” No. C 14-04293 WHA.



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