Patent Expert Witnesses & Medical Device Lawsuit

What areas may patent expert witnesses consult on?  They may write reports and opine on patent infringement, patent analysis, medical device patents, patent damages, and related matters. BioMedical Enterprises, Inc. has filed a patent infringement case in the San Antonio, TX, district court against Solana Surgica, LLC, of Memphis, TN.  BME manufactures memory metal implants for musculoskeletal and soft tissue fixation and alleges that Solana has infringed on the company’s “unique bone healing technologies.”

BME requested the court to stop Solana from distributing the products and award damages.  BME’s implants are fabricated from Nitinol which conforms to the shape of bone or soft tissue when heated. The OSStaple System is described by BME as the “only controllable heat-activated shape memory staple in the world.” (Image shown from

ReferenceMD defines surgical fixation devices as:

Devices used to hold tissue structures together for repair, reconstruction or to close wounds. They may consist of adsorbable or non-adsorbable, natural or synthetic materials. They include tissue adhesives, skin tape, sutures, buttons, staples, clips, screws, etc., each designed to conform to various tissue geometries.


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