Occupant Kinematics

Kinematics is defined as the description of motion, including considerations of space and time.  Simply put, it is the mathematical description of motion, without the study of the actions of forces.  The “occupant” obviously relates to the person inside of a vehicle.

Many accident reconstruction experts, who are not qualified in the area of Biomechanics, purport to be experts in “Occupant Kinematics”.  Some describe the movement of the human body, inside a vehicle, during a collision, as analogous to a “bowling ball”.  However, the human body is much, much more complex than a bowling ball.  It contains over 200 bones and has over 600 muscles.

Often times, these accident reconstruction “experts” (who believe they are qualified to talk about Occupant Kinematics) have little or no education regarding the human body or biomechanics.  Occupant Kinematics is a branch of Biomechanics.Medical_0003

Any and all testimony regarding “Occupant Kinematics” by an accident reconstruction expert, who agrees that he is not qualified in the area of Biomechanics, should be rigourously challenged.  Testimony by this type of expert should be limited to only the vehicle itself, not the human body.

You should look for an expert who is qualified in both areas of accident reconstruction and biomechanics.

About Jesse Wobrock, Ph. D.

Qualified in both Accident Reconstruction & Forensic Biomechanical Engineering, Dr. Wobrock looks forward to providing you with personal, cost effective, and professional consulting and expert witness services. Dr. Wobrock provides a variety of expert witness and consulting services including, but not limited to, animation preparation for trial exhibits and/or other purposes, AutoCAD scaled engineering drawings (accident scenes, vehicles, etc.), 3D PC-CRASH analysis including PC-RECT and MADYMO modules, vehicle and scene inspections, with many more services on the horizon. Some of his most recent accident reconstruction and biomechanical engineering cases include, but are not limited to, wrongful death, criminal matters, slip/trip and fall, falls from heights, industrial accidents, forklift accidents/injuries, gun shots, law enforcement, fireworks accidents, high and low speed vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions, tractor-trailer collisions, motorcycle collisions, bicycle collisions, helmet/protective equipment issues, among many other topics and issues. Expert witness and article contributor for www.ForensisGroup.com

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