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In What does it take to win a Medical Malpractice case? “The Big Picture,” attorneys at the law firm Steinberg, Burtker & Grossman, Ltd write:

Ask any plaintiff’s personal injury attorney which cases are the hardest to win and the universal answer will be medical malpractice.  From the moment the case begins, the attorney knows that he or she is in for a battle. When sued, medical doctors immediately fall into a state of denial if not righteous indignation. How could they possibly be responsible for a patient’s injury or death? Medical Malpractice insurance companies further empower physicians by granting them the absolute right to have their case tried to verdict before a jury, no matter how egregious their conduct.

The plaintiffs’ attorney is also faced with the mandatory requirement of retaining a physician in the same specialty to testify against the defendant doctor. At one time this task was extremely difficult, especially on a local level, as the testifying doctor feared retribution from the medical community and the malpractice insurance companies. In fact, for a period of time one major insurance company sent notices to its insured’s “encouraging” (sic) them to not testify for plaintiffs’ in malpractice cases. However, as doctors incomes have continued to decline due to lower PPO and Medicare reimbursements, many have welcomed the opportunity to increase their incomes by testifying against their collogues as expert witnesses.

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