Medical Experts & High School Sports Guidelines

The National Federation of the State High School Associations implemented new concussion guidelines for all sports prior to the start of the 2010-11 school year. The new NFHS guidelines center on concussion recognition by coaches, officials and game personnel, and eliminate outdated language that had previously required a student-athlete to be rendered unconscious in order to be removed from a contest.

“I think it is great modern technology has kicked in and it is for the good of the athlete,” says football coach and athletic director Dave Mattio. “Years ago, I used to hold up two fingers to see if a kid was ready to go back in. This way, it is up to the doctor, a medical expert.”  Marian, IL, trainer Eric Burkhard, ATC, who works for Flexeon, said the impact testing is a neuro-cognitive test.  “We do a pre- and post-concussion test and compare the results,” Burkhard said. “That way, a doctor can see the difference in the brain function and determine if an athlete can return to practice or play.”

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