Medical Expert On OTC Cough Medicine

Test Tubes, Laboratory TestingA new push is being made to make over-the-counter medications tougher to get. This time, regulators are taking aim at Robitussin and similar products due to a rise in abuse by children.  Robitussin, Nyquil – it goes under a lot of different names. But the active ingredient in all of them is the same: dextromethorphan. And in big enough doses, it makes kids high. Over a four-year span, kids going to the hospital from abusing the medicine has gone up 70 percent, leading federal regulators to consider making it prescription only or put it behind pharmacy counters like Sudafed.

Medical experts say dextromethorphan can produce euphoria. Those with young kids in Wichita say they don’t mind making it harder for kids to get common cough medicine.  “It’s certainly a good idea to consider it,” said KSN medical expert Dr. Tana Goering. “There are drugs that are prescription that are abused every day.”

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