Medical Expert & Failed Spinal Surgery

A spine surgeon must stand trial against claims that medical negligence led to a patient’s suicide, the Missouri Supreme Court has ruled.  The case originates from a January 2005 procedure Gerald Kivland underwent to correct the curvature of his spine. According to Judge Wolff’s ruling, the surgery paralyzed him from the waist down and left him in “intense and continuous pain in the paralyzed region.”

“Because Gerald Kivland, now deceased, cannot provide direct evidence as to why he acted as he did, an expert witness may be used to interpret the facts and data relating to his injury and suffering to supply the causal link from the injury to his death,” wrote Judge Wolff in his Jan. 25 ruling.

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One Response to “Medical Expert & Failed Spinal Surgery”

  1. Wow, that is disturbing. To become paralyze is one scary thing, but then to have it linked to his death? That’s really upsetting. Gotta thoroughly check these spine surgeons nowadays I guess. That’s such a sad story.