Medical Billing Expert Witnesses & Medicare Fraud

What areas may medical billing expert witnesses consult on?  They have many areas of expertise including medical coding, healthcare administration, medical fraud, and more.  In the news, Valencia, CA, Dr. Gary J. Ordog was indicted by a federal grand jury on nine counts of health care fraud.  Ordog is accused of submitting $2.5M of false claims to Medicare.

U.S. Department of Justice April 16, 2015

According to allegations in the indictment, Ordog was a physician who purportedly assisted beneficiaries with various toxicological symptoms, including those related to mold and chemical exposures. Ordog would allegedly see a beneficiary at least once in connection with the potential evaluation and management of his or her conditions. Subsequently, often several years after the last time he saw a particular beneficiary, Ordog would allegedly submit false claims to Medicare for purported additional visits with the same beneficiary, when the visits never actually occurred. In certain instances, Ordog allegedly billed Medicare for services provided to beneficiaries who were deceased as of the claimed date of service.

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