Managing Trial Director in the Courtroom Webinar

The Paralegal Knowledge Institute is presenting The Managing Trial Director in the Courtroom webinar on June 19, 2012.

Strengthen your Trial Director skills, ability and know-how. Have you ever been faced with the prospect of assuming the role of trial tech but inwardly, you lack the confidence it takes to put together and execute a seamless performance? Being on the hot seat is tough.

This webinar will help you deal with ways to handle the experience with professionalism and acumen. You’ll assess your areas of strength using this critical tool, understand more of the ins-and-outs and overall enhance your skills for immediate on-the-job use.


How You Will Benefit

  • Acquire more hands-on skills using Trial Director
  • Identify techniques to improve your performance
  • Improve communication with your trial team and courtroom professionals
  • Exercise more control over the program

What You Will Cover

  • Creating a form for the initial call
  • Contacting the hub person
  • Creating a project sheet in Excel
  • Getting documents and naming conventions
  • Designations for impeachment and non-appearing witnesses
  • Building a case in trail presentation database
  • Court information and initial call to clerk
  • Courtroom scout and meeting with clerk
  • Creating PowerPoint of court room and sharing diagram in pdf
  • Assessing equipment needs
  • Loading in equipment and testing before taping
  • Final test of equipment
  • Back up gear to have in court
  • More information:


About Karen Olson

Information Professional with twenty years experience in legal, public record, and business research. Fifteen years law firm experience.

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