Internet Security Expert Witnesses & Cyber Attack Suspect

Internet security expert witnesses may consult on computer hacking, computer security, internet technologies, and associated matters.  In the news, a Dutchman now in custody is a suspect in the huge cyber-attack which slowed down the internet around the world at the end of March.  Arrested in Spain, Sven Kamphuis, is the owner of the hosting firm Cyberbunker. The attack flooded tech company Spamhaus which tracks the internet’s spam senders.  From the Spamhaus website:

The record-breaking attacks were initially directed at Spamhaus infrastructure such as websites, mailservers and nameservers. Then, over the course of the following two weeks, the attacks escalated to targeting Spamhaus’ supporting networks and services including various Internet exchanges. While the DDoS caused disruptions to our organization and its hosts and partners, the flow of the Spamhaus anti-spam data that protects over 1.7 billion mailboxes worldwide was never interrupted.

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