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Forensic psychology expert witness Dr. Robert Kinscherff testified in the murder trial of 16-year-old Philip Chism. Chism was found guilty of first degree murder, rape and armed robbery of his teacher Colleen Ritzer. After reviewing school records, the crime scene, and the woods behind Danvers High School where the teacher’s body was found, Dr. Kinscherff opined that Chism was not mentally ill when he killed Ritzer in 2013.

In Commonwealth (MA) vs. Philip Chism, Dr. Kinscherff stated that the defendant understand the wrongfulness of his actions. Dr. Kinscherff is faculty in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (forensic psychology) at William James College in Newton. Psychology Today defines forensic psychology as “the interaction of the practice or study of psychology and the law.” Forensic psychologists work directly with attorneys and are called upon to write reports, consult, and testify on psychological assessments, personality assessments, as well as competency evaluations.  Dr. Kinscherff interviewed Chism for thirteen hours to gather as much information as possible and present an accurate evaluation of the defendant.



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