Forensic Document Experts & $40M Estate Dispute

fg_000022251686Forensic document experts will testify in the dispute over the $40M estate of Earl and Winona Field. The experts will examine a codicil that changed beneficiaries in Mr. Field’s will. In the document dated a month before Mr. Fields death, secretary Wanda Oborny was named as the primary beneficiary of the estate, drastically reducing the amount originally planned for the Fort Hays State University Foundation. The codicil directs one half of the estate to go to Oborny, one fourth to Mr. Field’s attorney, and one fourth to the university.

Document expert witnesses will analyze and opine on the handwriting and one page letter which changed how the Field estate will be distributed. These experts are trained to identify forgery and establish the authenticity of documents in dispute. Phone records, emails, and tax returns belonging to the Oborny family will also be examined.

The Fort Hays State University Foundation legal team argues that Mr. Field did not sign the codicil and witnesses who signed the document, friends of Oborny, were not competent. Forensic document experts will examine the handwriting and document in question to determine if the codicil is authentic and present their opinions in Ellis County District Court, KS.

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