Environmental Experts Agree On Landfill Cleanup

LandfillThe scope of the multi-million dollar Dickson County, TN, landfill lawsuit just broadened with four expert testimonies that conclude the spread of contaminants could be much wider than previously estimated.  The lawsuit, filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council on behalf of members of the Holt family is set to go to trial in March. Expert witnesses have been hired by the plaintiffs to back up claims that the chemicals dumped in the landfill over decades have contaminated groundwater in a larger region than previously believed. The Dickson Herald obtained copies of some of these reports.

Four environmental science experts hired by the plaintiffs all agree that trichloroethylene (TCE) and perchloroethylene (PCE) have contaminated the groundwater around the landfill for decades. The opinions paint a grim picture for the current understanding of the spread of the contamination, and some suggest additional steps be taken immediately to contain it.

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