Engineering Expert On Rescue Robot

Robotic EngineeringJapanese emergency services are planning on trying out a small tank-like rescue robot that can search rubble for survivors and deliver water, food or cellphones into the disaster zones.  Eiji Koyanagi, a robotic engineering expert at Chiba Institute of Technology, told the AFP news agency that the fire department of Chiba City, east of Tokyo, will test the QUINCE prototype starting next month.

“People die because they despair. If the robot delivers a cellphone, they won’t feel alone. If the robot delivers water and food, they can hold out,” said Koyanagi. “We want to make this the world standard.”  The QUINCE has a robotic arm that can be controlled remotely to turn doorknobs, maneuver through rubble and carry crucial survival items after an earthquake or other disaster. Human rescuers manipulate the arm from a distance by using a computer link that shows them robo-view camera images.

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