Engineering Expert On Bridge Collapse

BridgeBridge collapses like the one on the Barton Highway on Saturday ”happen in Third World and developing nations but rarely in Australia”, according to Australian bridge engineering experts. Structural engineering academics struggled yesterday to name similar Australian examples from the past where a bridge being built had collapsed during this phase of construction.  While not being able to pinpoint why the bridge in north Canberra fell down, they all expected lengthy investigative or legal processes to determine who or what was to blame.

A bridge engineering expert of 25 years, Associate Professor Tommy Chan from the Queensland University of Technology, said collapses such as this happened more often in the developing world where there was less supervision on construction sites.   ”In Australia the procedures are well developed [to avoid this sort of occurrence],” Associate Professor Chan said. ”Collapses are very rare in Australia. This only happens in Third World or developing countries.”

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