Engineering Expert Drilling Relief Well In Gulf

Oil RigWith the future of Gulf of Mexico in the balance after a disaster that has emptied up to five million barrels of oil into the sea, there is a burden of expectation on John Wright’s shoulders as he toils aboard the Development Driller III.  Deep below this drilling rig, two and a half miles into the Earth’s crust, the engineering expert is waging a titanic struggle to complete the drilling of a relief well which, within days, will intersect with the BP well that blew out on April 20, to begin permanently plugging the leak.

Wright is to relief well drilling what the late Red Adair was to well firefighting; a master of his trade who has helped conquer some of the world’s most challenging blowouts. His reputation in the industry, where he started his career 31 years ago, is that of a dragon-slayer, and his resume reads like an A to Z of historical oil dramas.
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