Economic Analysis in Employment Cases, Part 1

Business ProfessionalsWorklife – A statistical average of the number of years a person will be working. It factors out the probability of death, sickness, child rearing, and leaving the labor force.

Generally, the Worklife Expectancy Tables by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) were considered most authoritative but they are out of date (1986 has been the most recent). For instance, since 1986 worklife expectancy for women has increased. Subsequently, the few Worklife tables constructed by forensic economists using BLS employment data are reliable.

The flaws of using ‘retirement’ age or Social Security eligibility age are that these do not consider the above consideration of the expected worklife.

Including an analysis using worklife is absolutely necessary. BUT since worklife is a statistical average and plaintiff may exceed expected worklife, it is reasonable to consider an alternative scenario of ‘retirement’ age in addition to the worklife scenario.

There are other worklife expectancy tables that have been constructed that consider education levels, occupation and other aspects. Lately, I’ve been using the worklife tables in Journal of Forensic Economics 14(3) 2001, pp. 203-227. The authors’ are Hunt, Pickersgill & Rutemiller.

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