Burn injuries involve a wide range of circumstances but share a common set of unfortunate residual and often lasting sequelae (scarring, loss of function, loss of limb, etc.). In the medico-legal arena experts are often called to evaluate the injuries and determine future costs and disabilities. Experts are also engaged in forensic determinations regarding origin and mechanism of injury as well as physical and psychological effects of burn injuries. Cost evaluation of past and future treatments are integral to the proper evaluation of the particular case.
Plastic surgical techniques of reconstruction are quite successful in bringing functional and aesthetic improvement. Burn injuries affect the totality of the individual and it is the expert’s responsibility to delineate the areas that require further evaluation and treatment. From the medico-legal aspect a proper understanding of the complexities of the injury are always paramount to appropriately evaluate the particular case.

About Michel Brones, M.D.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon with extensive expertise in Burn Injuries (Acute and Reconstructive). Reconstructive areas of consultation includes: burn injuries, breast reconstruction, breast reduction mammaplasty, soft tissue reconstruction, scar revision, pressure and bedsores, wound scar management, hand surgery, carpal tunnel, laser surgery, skin cancer, tissue expansion, flaps and general reconstruction. Cosmetic areas of consultation includes: abdominoplasty (tommy tuck), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast enlargement (augmentation mammaplasty), breast lift, chemical peel, dermabrasion, facelift, facial implants, botox, liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), and general cosmetic surgery. Certified in Plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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