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The U.S. Transportation Department has said in a final report that the sudden, unintentional acceleration of vehicles manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp. while driving was not caused by the company’s electronic throttle control system as initially suspected. This means the U.S. government has completely accepted Toyota’s contention that electronic flaws did not cause the problems.

Toyota was initially slow to respond to a series of incidents involving unintentional acceleration in some of its vehicles.  Toyota, synonymous with safety and quality, was then besieged by the press, government, and plaintiff’s automotive engineering expert witnesses.  With the final report, the Toyota-bashing that swept across the United States will subside, but the company’s brand image–which took a pounding as the case unfolded–has been only half-repaired.  Class action suits are being filed by Toyota car owners all over the United States seeking compensation for the devaluation of their vehicles caused by Toyota’s spate of recalls.

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