Architecture Expert Witness On Water Damage

In The Water Below: Water Vapor and Concrete Slabs,  ForensisGroup architecture expert witness writes:

Poet Rupert Brooke once wrote that good shall come of water. He obviously never dealt with concrete. One of the lesser known yet more frustrating sources of water damage can occur on a concrete slab on grade. A concrete slab on grade is a flat area of concrete, poured directly on the earth or water membrane. This is where flooring – wood, carpet, tile, – is laid in residential construction.

Water or water vapor rising out of a concrete slab on grade can cause flooring to lose adhesion, to warp, and to peel. Beneath continuous flooring, moisture can also cause ripped or separate seams, air bubble efflorescence deposits, and other deterioration. Other harmful effects include damage to flat electrical cable systems, buckling of carpet or carpet tiles, odors, and fungi growth. It can even damage the concrete itself and corrode steel reinforcements within the concrete. Frequently it affects individual units, but it can affect common elements as well.

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