ARAS 360 software

Construction_Engineering_CBU0059EA new animation and simulation software has just come on the market “ARAS 360”.  It is a very innovative, affordable and “cutting edge” type of software that allows experts to create animations and simulations in a fraction of the time, compared to previous software.

Here is a little bit about it from their website (

“ARAS 360 users can generate the most powerful animations, reconstructions, simulations, and illustrations within an intuitive full time 3D graphical environment.

From the time you download directly to ARAS 360 until you have illustrated, animated and analyzed any incident is hours less than any other product. No more 2D – view in 3D back and forth. Do it all in 3D to allow precise model positioning, animation effects, and all other editing tasks.

ARAS 360 provides advanced analytical tools such as 3D Momentum modelling and advanced reconstruction equation processing – with all processes integrated and building a common report.

One environment, incredibly ease to use, and now the choice for more law enforcement and private consultant reconstructionists than any other product.”

This is a great product for accident reconstruction experts and I recommend you take a look at the graphics, versatility, and overall ease-of-use.  I think you will be very impressed.

About Jesse Wobrock, Ph. D.

Qualified in both Accident Reconstruction & Forensic Biomechanical Engineering, Dr. Wobrock looks forward to providing you with personal, cost effective, and professional consulting and expert witness services. Dr. Wobrock provides a variety of expert witness and consulting services including, but not limited to, animation preparation for trial exhibits and/or other purposes, AutoCAD scaled engineering drawings (accident scenes, vehicles, etc.), 3D PC-CRASH analysis including PC-RECT and MADYMO modules, vehicle and scene inspections, with many more services on the horizon. Some of his most recent accident reconstruction and biomechanical engineering cases include, but are not limited to, wrongful death, criminal matters, slip/trip and fall, falls from heights, industrial accidents, forklift accidents/injuries, gun shots, law enforcement, fireworks accidents, high and low speed vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions, tractor-trailer collisions, motorcycle collisions, bicycle collisions, helmet/protective equipment issues, among many other topics and issues. Expert witness and article contributor for

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