Adverse Expert Witness Cross Examination Part 7

In Overcome Fear Factor in Adverse Expert Cross-Examination, attorney Quentin Brogdon writes:

Sometimes, it is necessary for the cross-examiner to get into the mud and wrestle with the recalcitrant expert on the expert’s own turf. But tread carefully. Trying to rough up a legitimate expert during cross-examination is like pig wrestling: You get dirty and the pig likes it.

Do not view the cross-examination of an adverse expert witness as an intimidating, fearful experience. Instead, with thorough preparation, a carefully formulated game plan and realistic, attainable goals, it can be an opportunity to score significant points for your client, or at a minimum, an opportunity to prevent the other side from scoring significant points.

Mr. Brogdon’s article appears in The Texas Lawyer, August 15, 2011.  Mr. Brogdon may be reached at

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